Ice is often an overlooked ingredient in cocktails and punch bowls alike. However, you can use frozen water in exciting ways, taking your party drinks to the next level and dazzling your guests with unique ice cube shapes. Here are 10 of our favorite unique ice cube shapes that will spice things up at your next classy party:

1. Spheres

Rather than the traditional cubes, use spheres of ice for your drinks. Pick from a variety of sizes, large and small depending on your tastes. Larger spheres may melt more slowly, allowing your guests to enjoy the drink without dilution from the ice. What’s more, the beautiful sphere floating in the drink is enjoyed as a visual feature for a longer period of time.

2. Long Thin Sticks

These attractive ice sticks are great for taller glasses and ensure that the drink is cooled evenly.

3. Citrus Cubes

Add some citrus to your cubes and make a whole new kind of ice. For the DIY fanatics, the only tool you need is a muffin tin (or a mini muffin tin). Slice your citrus (cut out the center or use the peel and make it into a swirl for the mini muffin variety) and place them in the bottom of the tins. Add a small amount of water to just cover your slice and freeze. Float these beauties in drinks or the punch bowl.

4. Hexagonal Ice

A hexagon is a great neutral shape, yet more exciting than a cube or sphere. This fun geometrical shape remains classy, but is certain to surprise your guests.

5. Crescent Shaped Ice

A classic ice shape, crescent shaped ice features softer rounded edges. It works well for any shape of glass and drink type. It’s easy for shaking and is versatile.

6. Snowflakes

Planning a winter themed party? Keep it elegant but also intriguing with snowflake-shaped ice.

7. Perfect Squares

Departing from the classic cube, perfectly shaped squares offer a very nice look. Adjust the size according to your tastes and plans. Large cubes can really make a statement in the glass and ensure slower melting rates.

8. Stars

This shape also fits in with many themes and adds some fun to the drinks being served. Consider this shape for a summer party.

9. Hearts

Hosting a romantic party? When it comes to weddings, engagements and anniversaries, there’s nothing that symbolizes love quite like a heart. Include it in your drinks with the ice.

10. Punch Bowl Ice

Consider using bigger pieces of ice in your punch bowl to keep punch cool without diluting flavor. Consider large rings, spheres or cubes.

Infused cubes

Add another layer of class to your ice by infusing the cubes with herbs or fruit that complements the drinks you’ll serve. For example, mint leaves or berries are nice, easy additions that add not only color but flavor.

Ice can really jazz up your drinks to add a layer of class and interest to your party. Make sure the ice shapes are appropriate for all the drinks you’ll be serving and fits in with your party theme. You may also consider serving a few different ice shapes, with unique shapes for each drink. The possibilities for unique ice shapes are truly endless. Use your imagination and have fun!

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