Ice Delivery

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At Long Beach Ice, we are your full-service providers of exceptional ice and ice works. When you are in the Long Beach area and need ice delivered 24/7, we hope you will turn to us time and again! We have several decades of experience in the ice business, and have made it our passion to craft everything from your everyday ice cubes to stunning ice sculptures to awe the crowd at your important events. Not only that, we also deliver and set up your ice works so that you never need to stress about it. To learn more about our various types of ice creations and how we bring them to your door, please read on.

Block Ice Delivery

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There are certain events that require a big slab of block ice to pull off. Maybe you and a group of friends are going on a rustic, outdoor camping trip. Or maybe you are having a family reunion in your backyard and are serving barbecue or catered food. No matter what, you are going to want to keep your chilled items chilled, be it fresh seafood, raw veggies and dips, or beverages of every sort. This is precisely where blocks of ice come in handy. Block ice can keep all your items cool, preventing spoilage and an otherwise unpleasant lukewarm drink experience. At Long Beach Ice, we create the amount of block ice you need and deliver it to you safely and securely. Not only that, but we will set it up in any manner you choose, whether on display or hidden. You can trust that with our knowledge and our technology, we will get the job done precisely and efficiently.

Ice Sculpture Delivery

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There are many different types of ice sculptures, but rest assured that you will get the ice sculpture you envisioned promptly and in one glorious piece when you work with us. Ice sculptures have a great range of size and shape, as you may imagine, from tall, elegant statues, to ice sculpted to be utilized as a serving platter or punch bowl. At Long Beach Ice, we are lucky to have talented individuals in every aspect of our business, from the artists who bring your sculpture into fruition, to the delivery driver, and the tech team that will install your sculpture where you want it, along with any assorted accessories it may require.

Dry Ice Delivery

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Like with ice sculpture works, dry ice can be a tricky item to work with. Luckily, at Long Beach Ice, it is one of our specialties! Dry ice has the capability to add some much-needed pizazz to your party, adding a beautiful and fun effect that is truly eye catching. Dry ice consists of a solid block of carbon dioxide, so it gives off gas, unlike regular ice that simply melts. It should never be handled, as dry ice is so frozen, it will burn your skin. When you order a dry ice scene from us, our experts will deliver it and set it up for you, so you will be all set to enjoy the effect.

Snow Production Delivery

Ice delivery for outdoor events

A magical, wintery scene is not something we see too often in Long Beach! But it is something we love creating here at Long Beach Ice. No matter what time of year it is, be it Christmas, the 4th of July, or your kids’ birthday party, we can create a snow scene your guests will never forget. Talk to us about how we can produce a snow scene for you on your property, and we will bring our tools to the scene and make sure it is the exact wintery look that you want, made with frozen bits of pure, clean water in our special machines.

Cube, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice Delivery

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We have tons of cubed, crushed and cocktail ice on the ready, able to deliver it to you immediately. We can also create specialty ice in unique shapes and colors so that you have the distinct look you want for your particular event. And as with everything else, we can deliver it to you quickly and efficiently, from one of our many ice docks in the area, and help set it up so that the ice stays pristine and intact for as long as possible.

On-Site Storage

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At this point you may have a couple questions on your mind about how we help keep your ice from melting once we split the scene. Don’t worry, we have solutions for that too, and consider it an important part of our services. We have specialty storage sheds for large ice orders that we will deliver to you and set up along with your ice. For example, if you order roughly 30 40-pound bags of ice, we will also bring you our specialty ice merchandiser that will easily store your spare ice, keeping it nice and frozen. We also have freezer trucks that we deliver onsite, that have the capacity to hold several thousand-pounds’ worth of ice.

Why Choose Long Beach Ice?

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Long Beach Ice is your one-stop-shop for exceptional ice works and assorted accessories. You never have to worry about the logistics involved with your ice order, we have every aspect covered so that we may serve you better.

If you are in the Long Beach area, we can quickly deliver your ice to you, oftentimes within 60-90 minutes of when your order was placed, unless it happens to be a distinct, specialty ice work. Even then we can usually deliver on the same day, though of course as much notice as possible helps. We also take pride in treating our customers well, and offering you the best prices available.

No matter what type of ice you need, from a small amount of cubes, to a grand snow production, and everything in between, we at Long Beach Ice have you covered, and hope that you will call on us for our expert ice creations and impeccable delivery services.