Ice Delivery Services and Products

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Long Beach Ice has proudly served the community for decades, creating and delivering countless varieties of ice and ice related products to the residents and businesses of Long Beach. We are the largest provider of ice products and services in Southern California, and have the means and methods to deliver the highest quality ice products in the area. When it comes to ensuring you have the most stunning array of ice, rely on Long Beach Ice to deliver and set up any type of ice product you may want. Consult with us today to find out more, and please read on to further understand all of our available products and services.

Block Ice

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When block ice is needed, look no further than Long Beach Ice to deliver you the very best! Block ice is an essential component to many outdoor functions – be it outdoor food service for buffets and public events, to camping gatherings, boating outings and tailgating at sporting events. We also oftentimes deliver block ice for bars, vendors, ice luges and special events’ companies.

Depending on your specific needs, we can deliver ice with crystal clarity or a more cloudy appearance, and everything in between. Also, our ice blocks are available in 25-pound increments, so you can order one or multiple, whatever amount you are interested in purchasing. Block ice is a genuine essential for many events.

Ice Sculptures

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To make a stunning statement at your next event, consider ordering a professional ice sculpture to truly capture the heart of the occasion. At Long Beach Ice, we have ice artists whose passion and skill is incomparable. They can craft anything you like with beautiful, crystal-clear ice as their medium.

Not only can we craft exceptional ice sculptures, but we can also deliver you made-to-order bowls and platters made from ice, ideal for keeping beverages and seafood fresh and chilled. If you have never seen a serving bowl made from ice, it is a unique and elegant sight to behold, and will surely make a statement at any important function.

Cube, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice

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What would a gathering in Long Beach look like without fresh ice? Definitely not as extravagant. At Long Beach Ice, we can deliver ice, in small or copious amounts, for your beverages and other needs. And our ice is made from pure, filtered water, so only a crisp and cold sensation will be detected by even the most refined palates. From cube, crushed, and cocktail, we make it all!

  • Cubed Ice – We can make any manner of cubed ice, in perfect square shapes, to offer the best addition to your cocktails or other beverages. It’s simply not a party without cubed ice.
  • Crushed Ice – Crushed ice tends to be shards and chips, meaning that it melts faster than cubed ice. However, crushed ice is what is used for shave ice treats as it soaks in juice flavors and colors beautifully. It also adds a shine and glimmer that makes any drink look refined, making it ideal for glamorous occasions.
  • Cocktail Ice – What sets cocktail ice apart from cubed or crushed ices is that we can make it in any unique shape to add a fun touch to special cocktail services. Whether you want straw-shaped ice, crescents, stars, or anything you can dream up, let us know and we will make it happen for you.

Special Events Ice

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Special events, particularly in Southern California, oftentimes require ice of many shapes and sizes with which to serve with food and beverages. Ice helps keep the party going. Whether you need ice for birthdays or graduation parties, civic and commercial events, festivals and fairs, sporting events, or even ongoing events, we at Long Beach Ice have the solution for you, and will be delighted to bring you the purest and most beautiful ice possible. Don’t risk trusting your special events to those who have less experience.

Ice Delivery

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Besides crafting any manner of ice product, we also pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. So what exactly does this mean to you? At Long Beach Ice, we have several ice docks in the area, so we are never far from your location. We will not only create the ice of your choosing, we will deliver it to you, and make sure it is set up properly, so that you can enjoy the benefit of the ice without having to worry about it melting quickly.

We will deliver you ice to you at your requested time, ensure that it is to your standards, and also explain the best way to keep the ice from melting, depending on the type of ice and the event. It is our goal that you enjoy every aspect of working with us!

Why Choose Long Beach Ice?

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When you need the purest, most beautiful ice, no matter the amount, Long Beach Ice is the company for you. We have several decades in the business, and know that we have our loyal customers to thank for that. Every day we strive to bring people the type of ice they have envisioned. When you have a special event, be it a private birthday or anniversary gathering with close friends and loved ones, or a massive public gathering, we can deliver ice right to you, so that you never have to skip a beat.

No matter what type of ice you are in the market for – cubed, crushed, cocktail, ice sculptures, shaved ice, etc. – we will not only make it per your specific request, but will deliver it right to you. Our technology allows us to change the appearance of ice, to make it not only the size you want, but the clarity as well. We can make ice that is crystal clear, but we can also create cloudy ice, which helps set a certain tone depending on the event. There is no job too simple or complex, too big or too small, we can absolutely handle it all.