Block Ice

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Here at Long Beach Ice, we have had the pleasure of serving the Long Beach community for decades. Ice is our passion, and our forte, and we know how to create and deliver the ice you need for your events, no matter how big or small the event (or your specific ice needs). This includes blocks of ice. Block ice is one of our most common requests at Long Beach Ice, and we pride ourselves on being able to bring our clients the precise type of block ice they want for their events. Thought there wasn’t much to know about block ice? Read on and maybe we can learn something new together.  

What is Block Ice?

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This may sound like a silly question, since we can all picture block ice whether we have used it before or not. But block ice has always had an interesting history for as long as people have had homes. Block ice has always been desirable since its large, compacted dimensions means it takes longer to melt, meaning it will keep your items fresh and cool longer than cubed or crushed ice varieties. Before refrigerators were invented and readily available in every home across the nation, people used blocks of ice to keep their perishables from perishing. Though we all have refrigerators that we rely on every day, your refrigerator cannot always provide a feasible solution for your needs at certain times. No matter what you may need your block(s) of ice for, we here at Long Beach Ice can deliver you the most clear, pure and sound slab of ice that will make your event the coolest around.

Consumer Uses of Block Ice

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There are many uses for block ice in your home, some you may have never even thought of. The most everyday uses involve year-round outdoor events, particularly when serving food and beverages. A block of ice can keep your buffet-style fare cool and fresh, so you never need worry about food spoilage and waste. You can also place a block of ice in a portage refrigerator or large cooler to keep your food and drinks cool when you hit the road for a picnic, or a camping or boating excursion.

Besides keeping your consumables chilled, block ice has also been used by locals for keeping cool when an air conditioner is not an option for them. An inexpensive block of ice plus a household fan equals keeping cool and comfy no matter how sweltering it may be outdoors!

Commercial Uses of Block Ice

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Just as there are many reasons block ice is ideal for consumer purposes, it is also perfect for many commercial reasons. Food and beverage vendors at farmer’s markets, carnivals and food trucks have requested our blocks of ice to help them keep their goods cool and satisfying. We also work with many mixologists who prefer blocks of ice delivered to their place of business so that they may create their own special ice used in their signature cocktails. We have also assisted movie production studios in selecting block ice for their various needs, as well as delivered block ice for use in winter sports activities. Whether the need is on a small or large scale, we at Long Beach Ice can create your specific block ice and deliver it to your door.  

Sizes, Clarity, and Colors of Block Ice

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What’s truly beautiful about our block ice at Long Beach Ice is that we have the technology and knowhow to create whatever look you want. If you want super crystal clear ice blocks, we can make that happen easily. If you prefer a more cloudy appearance, we can create that as well. No matter what, your ice will be made with pure filtered water, so it is always of the highest quality. If you are using the block(s) of ice in question for a specific function and would like the ice to be colored to suit the event, we are more than happy to do that too. And as you may imagine, we can easily make the block ice sized however you like, starting at 25 pound increments and going up to 300 pound blocks. We can also deliver as many blocks as you need, so the possibilities are truly endless. Call us today to ask about how we can best serve you and your event in question, and we will be happy to make your vision come into fruition.

Why Choose Long Beach Ice?

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Over the course of several decades, we here at Long Beach Ice have made ice our life. We can create whatever size block of ice you like, with whatever clarity, in whatever color you choose. Not only do we have the experts and technology to make that happen, but we have the means to deliver your ice to you quickly and efficiently, as well as set it up where you would like it. The only problem with ice is that it is designed to melt, but we will help set you up so that your block ice keeps working for you as long as possible no matter the conditions.

Our ice is simply of the highest quality imaginable, and our customer service and prices cannot be beat. We offer you the personal attention you deserve, and strive to make the process of selecting ice works simple and enjoyable for you. It is because of our excellent customers that we have been creating and delivering all manners of ice, and set the bar high for ourselves so that we can keep thriving in this business and working with you to make the block ice you have hoped for. Before you look anywhere else, give us a call and talk to one of our friendly experts. With us, you not only get a free estimate on your specific block ice needs, but we can also deliver your block ice immediately to any home or business in the Long Beach vicinity.