Cube, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice

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For the special events in your life, the bagged ice from the local gas station isn’t going to cut it. At Long Beach Ice, we have made it our life’s work to provide the highest quality cubed, crushed and cocktail ice to the residents and businesses of Long Beach for decades. We have the expertise and technology to create and deliver any amount of ice you want, in whatever cut you prefer fast and easy, so that you never again need to worry about where to get exceptional ice. We get many requests for cubed, crushed and cocktail style ice, and we have plenty of experience working with it, so call on us when you want the best in Southern California!

Residential Uses of Cube, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice

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There are many times in our daily lives when it would be great to have pure filtered, crystal clear ice on hand. But when is it especially appreciated? At special events, when looks and quality mean everything. That is why the people of Long Beach have trusted us to provide the most beautiful and handy ice for their specific functions. So how do these three types of ice compare and contrast?

  • Cubed – cubed ice has the largest surface area of the three styles we are talking about here. For this reason, cubed ice lasts the longest, in that it takes the longest to melt, so it is a wonderful choice when you are serving beverages at your next party or social gathering.
  • Crushed – crushed ice comes as pieces and shards, already broken off the cube or block. It melts quicker than ice cubes since it is smaller, but there is something to be said about the appearance of crushed ice. It is ideal for special functions when you want the ice shards to catch light. And it is the top ice choice if you happen to be serving homemade sno-cones.
  • Cocktail – this is the special type of ice we create for anyone who wants a uniquely shaped ice cube to use at their events. Most commonly we receive these requests from mixologists who want their craft cocktails to standout even more, but sometimes businesses and private parties also want distinctively cut cocktail ice to make their get-together standout from the crowd.

Commercial Uses of Cubed, Crushed and Cocktail Ice

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Like with residential uses of cubed, crushed and cocktail ice, there is also numerous reasons why these types of ice styles happen to have commercial appeal. Long Beach Ice has been the provider of exceptional ice products to many local restaurants and bars who prefer not to have to deal with rickety ice machines or subpar ice products from a convenience store. Should you prefer, we can work with you to create a schedule so you get a consistent supply of ice products delivered to your business, so you never have to worry about running out of ice again.

We also deliver tons of crushed, cubed and cocktail ice to company picnics and community events across the area. It’s important that your guests feel cool and relaxed, and there is no better way of doing that outdoors than with ice cold beverages. With Long Beach Ice, you can rely on us to deliver the type of ice you want quickly and easily, helping to make your event go off without a hitch.

Special Events

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At Long Beach Ice, we are pleased to deliver ice to your special events, be it a private birthday, anniversary, or graduation party, or a community fundraiser or gathering. It’s simply not a party without the ice! No matter what type of ice, cubed, crushed, or cocktail, and how you wish it to best serve your needs, we’ll help you come up with the ideal ice style for your special event and deliver it you quickly and easily. When you need to impress, the last thing you should have to worry about is the ice! But if you are the type of person with a vision in mind, we can bring that to life for you. So no matter the event or how involved you wish to be in the ice designing, we are there for you.

Shape and Clarity

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Depending on your particular event, you probably have a certain ice appearance in mind. At Long Beach Ice, we can create the most crystal clear ice for you, made from purified water, so that you can enjoy the pure cold effect of ice without any strange taste tainting your beverages. As stated above, we can also design your ice so that it is perfectly square cubes, beautiful shards of glistening crushed ice, or any shape and size you can dream up for specialty cocktail ice. Our ice artists are up for the challenge, and it is our pleasure to make your ideal ice come into fruition. We take ice seriously so you don’t have to! Sometimes the most simple design wins out the day.

Why Choose Long Beach Ice?

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If you reside in the Long Beach area, we want you to think of Long Beach Ice when you need any type of ice works! Be it a large or small order, a giant slab block, an ice sculpture, or the cubed, crushed and cocktail style of ice we have discussed here, we can deliver it to you. For decades, our top quality ice products have wowed the crowds at special social functions. It has also impressed in terms of its clarity and purity, providing the arctic temperatures you need it for with the look you desire. We even provide same day service, so you never have to worry about us fulfilling a last minute request. On top of all that, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and keep our prices low so that you never have a doubt about contacting us for your future ice needs. Give us a call today to talk about the cubed, crushed and cocktail ice you are picturing at your next event.