Dry Ice

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Dry Ice is one of the most specialized types of ice. This is not something you can pick up just anywhere. Dry ice creates a beautiful atmosphere that cannot be replicated with any other materials, because when you want dry ice, you want dry ice! That is why you should rely on Long Beach Ice to create and deliver the dry ice scene you have envisioned. We have decades of experience serving Southern California, with dry ice effects being one of our specialties. Dry ice is not only for aesthetic purposes, but it also works to keep your food and beverage items fresh and chilled to perfection. No matter why you may want dry ice, contact us at Long Beach Ice to fulfill all your dry ice needs.

What is Dry Ice?

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Unlike any other type of ice product, dry ice does not melt into a liquid, but rather into a gas. This is due to the fact that dry ice is actually the solid form of carbon dioxide, not H2O. Dry ice also has phenomenal staying power, so to speak, since it can maintain a temperature of about -78 degrees for an extensive period of time. This is why it is an exceptional choice for keeping items preserved in addition to its special effects look. To find out more about dry ice, its many uses, and how we can serve you, please read on.

Consumer Uses of Dry Ice

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We’ve all been to social functions where dry ice was utilized, and it was likely a memorable sight. Dry ice is most often seen at haunted houses, kids’ parties, DJ events, and even elegant society soirees. This is how we often think about dry ice, but its uses go beyond this.

If you are hosting an outdoor event where food and beverage is being served, it is paramount to keep the food chilled and safe for consumption. Dry ice can also keep regular ice from melting when placed below an ice chest or bowl, and is a great accompaniment on hiking or camping trips to keep consumables chilled for 3 to 4 day stretches. Should you lose power, dry ice will continue to function to preserve food and beverage in a pinch. So while dry ice can help create beautiful special effects, it can also be a handy tool to prevent ice from melting and food from spoiling.

Commercial Uses of Dry Ice

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Like with the consumer uses of dry ice listed above, the commercial uses of dry ice are just as numerous and helpful. At Long Beach Ice, we can deliver and set up dry ice scenes for a variety of commercial uses. Let’s start with the glamourous side of dry ice use. We are often called on to deliver and set up dry ice for the use of movies, television programs, and music videos, as only dry ice can give that misty, mystical appearance that can come in handy in the entertainment business. Additionally:

  • The medical community also relies on dry ice technology to freeze and remove warts and skin growths.
  • Scientists use dry ice in their labs to preserve samples.
  • Plumbers often use dry ice to unclog pipes and drains.
  • Exterminators use dry ice to lure insects that are attracted to carbon dioxide in order to eliminate pests in a given home or business, as do food producers, to remove bugs without having to use nasty chemicals.
  • Elsewhere in the food industry, dry ice is used to preserve food stuffs, create ice cream, flash-freeze items, and is instrumental in carbonating beverages.

Sizes of Dry Ice

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The size of the dry ice determines the amount of time your dry ice scene can stay functional. At Long Beach Ice, we can create any sized block of dry ice, depending on how you intend to use it. We can size your dry ice to fit in your cooler for picnic or camping trips, or deliver you a massive amount to best serve your commercial needs. Talk to us about what you are looking for, and we can bring you the ideal size for you and your gathering.

Always Use Dry Ice with Caution

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Because dry ice is frozen to the extreme, it is obviously dangerous to handle. Our experts are always prepared to deliver and set up your dry ice scene, so you need not have to worry about how to go about setting up your scene. If for some reason you do have to come into contact with the dry ice, be sure to always wear winter or gardening gloves and tools to handle the ice. And because dry ice gives off carbon dioxide fumes, it is important to keep your dry ice scene in a well-ventilated space. Dry ice will also shatter glass when placed on a glass table or shelf, so avoid that, and if put in an airtight container, it will burst. As long as you avoid handling the dry ice and keep it out in the open air, you should be fine.

Why Choose Long Beach Ice?

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When it comes to all of your dry ice requirements in Southern California, we at Long Beach Ice can fulfill your needs. Whether you are having a private event, such as a birthday party or a graduation party, or a community event, like a fundraising event or tailgating party, we can deliver you the dry ice you need to set the scene and keep your edibles fresh and cold.

No matter the size of the dry ice you need, we will bring you a fresh block designed to your specifications, and will set it up where you want it so that you need not have to come into contact with the dry ice itself. We are consummate professionals who rely on our loyal customers to enjoy our products and services. It is our goal to best serve you and go above and beyond your expectations. Contact us today to explain the purpose of dry ice and we will happily create and deliver it to you.