Special Events Ice

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If you are holding a special event anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area, you just know you are going to need plenty of ice. And when you need a lot of ice, where can you turn to? Certainly not the gas station ice chest, made with water that came from who-knows-where. No, when you need quality ice, in a manner of shapes and styles, we hope you will call on us at Long Beach Ice. For decades, we have built our business of crafting any type of ice, from typical to the unique, and delivering it to residences and businesses throughout Long Beach county. We can create any type of ice works that you can conceive of, some of which may surprise you. But we also deliver regular cubed ice, if that is what you need! To learn more about us and all the types of ice we create and events we serve, please read on.

Types of Ice

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No matter what manner of ice you are in search of for your next special event, we at Long Beach Ice can deliver it to you. Some of our most commonly requested ice types are explained in depth below:

  • Block Ice – Block ice slabs are ideal for outdoor buffets and barbecues and for portable coolers to take on camping trips and picnics. Because of its massive surface area, it takes block ice longer to melt, making it excellent for outdoor events. We create and deliver ice at 25-pound increments, maxing out a 300-pound ice block.
  • Ice Sculptures – For special events where appearances matter, a stunning ice sculpture is sure to charm and captivate your guests. Our ice sculpture artists can create any type of sculpture you can envision for your gathering. And we’re not just talking about swans and ballerinas here, we can also sculpt elegant serving platters and bowls, which act like a self-cooling mechanism, perfect for seafood and cocktail punch.
  • Cube Ice – This is your everyday type of ice, only elevated. Cubed ice is ideal for keeping beverages refreshing cold and crisp, as well packing into coolers and placing below catering dishes. What sets our ice cubes apart from the type you can pick up at the convenience store is that our ice is made from pure filtered water. You will not only see the difference, but you can taste it. Or rather not taste it, since our ice is so pure it offers no taste at all.
  • Crushed Ice – Because crushed ice is delivered in tiny pieces and shards, it doesn’t last as long as cubed ice. But it is the ideal ice for some who prefer crushed ice for their beverages in lieu of large cubes. Crushed ice is also popular for making homemade sno-cones, a popular feature at kids’ parties and community fundraising events.
  • Cocktail Ice – At Long Beach Ice, we oftentimes process requests from bartenders and mixologists who want a signature ice creation to enhance their craft cocktails. Cocktail ice can be in any shape and size, but is small enough to fit in a glass as you may imagine. Cocktail ice can make a unique statement at any event.

Types of Events We Cater

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Just as there is no end to the types of ice we can create here at Long Beach Ice, there is no limit on the types of events we can assist. Please read on for a few examples. If your event is not listed below, never worry, give us a call and odds are we can still serve you.

  • Private Events – we consider private events those held at someone’s home, such as birthday parties for people of any age, graduation parties, anniversary celebrations, family reunions, or just when you feel like having a backyard barbecue. We can deliver the type of ice you need to make your private event memorable for all your guests.
  • Corporate Events – Whether your company is having a holiday gathering, a party to celebrate an industry milestone, a retirement soiree for a special employee, or an anniversary to celebrate a landmark year, we at Long Beach Ice can quickly deliver you the type of ice you require, as well as set it up for you so that you are all set to celebrate.
  • Community Events – Maybe you have a stall or stand at a local farmer’s market, or perhaps you are holding a fundraiser for a special cause, whatever the case, we can create and deliver you the ice works you need to keep your guests refreshed and your event a smash hit.

Why Choose Long Beach Ice?

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Over the course of several decades, we at Long Beach Ice have established a business where we create custom ice and deliver it to our community. We have been lucky to have a thriving business, due to the fact that we pride ourselves on creating exceptional ice works, as well as providing excellent customer service. We hope that when you need the purest, most beautiful ice, for any kind of event, you will always think of us first.

Our technology allows us to change the appearance of ice, to make it not only the size you want, but the clarity as well. We can make ice that is as clear as glass, but we can also create cloudy ice, which helps set a certain tone depending on the event. There is no job too simple or complex, too big or too small, we can absolutely handle it all. We can also create and deliver your ice on the same day you order it, so you never need to worry about placing a last-minute ice order with us. Ice is our life and our passion, and our hope is that our attention to detail means you never have to worry about having the ideal ice delivered to your event. Have a forthcoming event on the horizon? Give us a call today to tell us about it. We can help you decide the perfect ice for you, or will create whatever you have in mind.